Welcome to McLaren and Flower’s Children’s Performances page! Libby and Robin have been performing throughout California at schools, libraries, museums and other venues for 20 years as the Fabulous Goldrush Sisters and the Liberty Sisters. Below is a description of both shows as well as upcoming performance dates. Please contact us if you are interested in booking one or both of these exciting, interactive, and educational musical performances.

The Fabulous Goldrush Sisters!

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The Fabulous Goldrush Sisters - Songs and stories of the California Gold Rush (California State Curriculum) Playing instruments of the Gold Rush era, including fiddle, banjo, spoons, accordion, and guitar, the Fabulous Goldrush Sisters take you on a fantastic. interactive ride through California’s Gold Rush country in the 1850s with colorful stories and songs. This high-spirited duo takes you on a journey through the Gold Rush camps where you will hear about James Marshall’s discovery of gold in 1848, visit the raucous, hard-working women of Hang Town and gain insight into the effect the Gold Rush had on the Native American population. Meet the infamous stagecoach robber, Black Bart, and learn about the myriad cultures that came to California with one thing in mind: To STRIKE IT RICH! Audiences of all ages can’t resist joining in.

Goldrush Sisters – Upcoming Performances

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The Liberty Sisters


The Liberty Sisters – American History: Where Were The Women? The United States’ amazing and adventurous women come to life through stories and original songs in this fascinating performance celebrating the lives of but a few of many great American women. With Harriet Tubman, Vilma Martinez, Wilma Mankiller, Elizabeth Cotton, Sally Ride, and a changing cast, the audience experiences several periods in U.S. history where women made substantial contributions to our American experience. By presenting a more equitable portrayal of women in American history, students understand how the past helps us see the possibilities of the present and creates a vision for the future. Audiences interact throughout this fast-paced musical presentation.

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Liberty Sisters – Upcoming Performances

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Booking Information Booking a show with the Fabulous Goldrush Sisters or the Liberty Sisters is simple! Just call Libby McLaren at 510.482.9479 or email her at flower2mcl@earthlink.net, or reach her at 3818 Linwood Avenue, Oakland, CA 94602


What grown-ups say...

“Thanks for your amazing performances. We were so lucky to get you for our first-ever Goldrush week!” Beth Maloney, History Programs Coordinator Education Dept. - The Oakland Museum of California

“Your high-energy entertainment was just what we needed to kick-off the summer. We appreciated the multicultural components and the way in which you involved the children in every song.” Karen Brown, Youth Services Manager Monterey Public Library

“Wow! What terrific shows you brought to the Berkeley Public Libraries! My favorite audience response was, “Whoa! Those women were good!” spoken with incredible enthusiasm.” Elizabeth Overmeyer, Senior Librarian, Children’s Services, Berkeley Public Library

What Kids say... “I will always remember to follow my dreams because of the Liberty Sisters.” S. Chin, 5th grade, Brookside Elementary

“I learned that women are known as good heroes.” Emily Flores, 3rd grade

“I really liked the way you talked and sang to us about famous women that I hadn’t heard of before.” H. Nguyen, 3rd grade

“Today was my favorite assembly.” T. Cater, 6th grade

“My favorite part was when you showed us the fiddle and accordion because I wanted to know how they worked.” Nathan Slesnick, Room 10

“I want to be a singer when I grow up, and since I saw your show, I think maybe I can.” Suhui, 4th grade

“I never thought girls could play guitar. Now I know they can.” 10 year old boy


To contact us, write to robinandlibby@flowerandmclaren.com

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